Adhuri Kahaani.

Rehmat Ho Unki Ye Zaruri Nahi, Kahaani Humari Adhuri Nahi..

“Aadat” Hai Tumhari, Ya Hai Ye “Ishq”, Ye Mai Jaanta Nahi, Naam Nahi Jin Rishto Ke, Unhe Mai Pehchaanta Nahi..

Kashmakash Hai Khamoshi Me, Baaton me Apnapan Hai,

Ye Samay ki gustaki Koi, Ya Khubsurat Afsana Hai.

Zindagi ka khel Hai, Ya Umr ka takaza hai. Naseebo ka dosh nahi, Bandisho me Pyar Nibhana hai. ~HM

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Ruined In Ecstasy

He undressed her with his words.

She surrendered to the touch which awakened desires.

His lips caressed a poetry on her curves.

Raw passion flamed bright in a room dimly lit.

Pleasure rushed through the veins like fire.

Her inhibitions died happy with their toes curled.

She cried joy, as her kohl was ruined in ecstasy, beautifully !


She: I saw a “Beautiful Dream” last night.

Me: Were there too many mirrors in your room?

Yielding to her emotions she started to wither, she embraced me. Tears holding the promise of future started to drain down her cheeks. Each drop of it weighing more than the love one could ever contain. The shining beads of salty water had a silver lining of its own.

Writing, a profession.

First you do it out-of-curiosity. If you like it, you do some more. You start doing it quite often because it is addictive like love. Then you compulsively do it for extracting praises or some pity admiration from friends and acquaintances. Finally you decide to willingly do it for money.

Writing is so much like Prostitution.

Be it writing or Sex, the more unashamed, the better it is.

Sundays In Bed

The lazy tide rolled in like a snail smoking weed.

Much to the amusement of the crooked trees that waved a leafy wave and poked fun at the salty breeze that giggled back.

Even the fish, little flashes of iridescent rainbows, smiled.

Seduced by a psychedelic sun that teased and tickled its way across the laughing orange carpet that was the sea.


Little diamond fragments shone form wet green fingertips.

And still the rain fell.

While she collapsed under the crumpled sheets.

Wet and wetter.

He on his back, exhausted and smiling.

Another afternoon in bed.

Well spent.

-Michael Faudet

Happy :Diwali !!


║ Celebrate togetherness, not just Diya and Diwali,

║ Wish for values, instead of more wealth and opulence.

║ Illuminate the darken, donate to less fortunate ones,

║ Care and share with society, not just community.

║ Burst egos, not just crackers,

║ Worship humanity, not deity.

║ Work towards ethics and equality, beside wealth and status.

║ Spread Joy!

Of Love, Failure and Longing.

Some frozen moments and a piece of broken mirror,

His teary eyes reflected her very clear.

All those memories, had now long gone,

Like a quiet night from dusk to dawn.

When he was lost, she had showed him the way,

And that one eternal instance, when he had nothing to say.

It was a pain to accept, but things have gradually changed,

He tried to remind her of that cherished December rain,

In the storm of adversaries, she was his only hope,

But she wanted to be wicked, to shut all open doors.

He expected some kindness, she didn’t care to offer,

He felt like cursed, destined to Suffer.

He gave-up on his future and abandoned their shared dreams.

He realized there was no one, to hear his silent screams.

What was her reason, he wished he could know,

The killing pain within, should stop to grow.

He finally took the blame, for that one sweet sin,

Knowing that was required, to make her win.

He lived without her, with all the courage he could gather,

Sometimes questions himself, doesn’t it even matter.

He looked back, it appeared like ages,

In the meantime, he wrote poems to fill some empty pages.

In his words, she was earlier living,

Those words are now, devoid of life and its meaning.

He still misses the time they had together spent,

He still recalls that moment, when he had finally said:

Just live with me, live with me for years,

Live with me for the laughter, live with me for the tears.

Be mine, let’s live for today,

Who knows tomorrow the destiny will separate us away.